Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sugar Thursday

I'm trying to write this while tweaking out a little. I had to taste everything I made tonight (obviously) but as a result am coming down from a major sugar high. 
But, I regret nothing. NOTHING! 
It's all so tasty. totally trashy, but sometimes the best things are!

NYT cookies
If you haven't heard of the New York Times Cookie recipe then you are missing out. This article won the James Beard award a couple of years back for what they proposed was 'the perfect cookie recipe'. Having interviewed many bakers around the city they determined there are 4 things that are required to have the perfect cookie.
1) It needs to be 6" across. That way you have the crispy outer edge, gooey middle and a ring that combines the two
2) The dough needs to 'settle' for at least 36hrs. This lets the butter, eggs and flour to fully absorb. It gives the cookies a nice caramel-y taste and a all over consistent golden brown color. 
3) There needs to be a ratio of 40-60 chocolate-cookie. The chocolate should be dark and preferably in disks, that way, in every bite is some chocolaty goodness. 
4) Two Words: Sea.Salt. 

 I decided to take half the batch up a notch. By adding bacon. Yum! 
Chop up some cooked crispy bacon and mix it into your already made dough before you roll it in a ball and place it on the cookie sheet. 

Funfetti & Oreo cake. 

This is super complicated so bare with me for a sec. 
Take funfetti batter and pour half into the pan. Place Oreos at even intervals and then pour the remaining half of the funfetti dough over it. Bake as normal. 
Got it? Good.

Can you see the sink hole in the middle?

A beautiful sunrise in London this morning. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012


New Zealanders seem to be taking over London! If you haven't tried Lantana for brunch yet I would highly recommend it, especially on a sunny morning like my friend and I got to do. 

The inside is light and airy and so is its food. They have lovely dill pancakes with smoked salmon, corn fritters with bacon, toasted banana bread and freshly squeezed juices. I have never been disappointed by their food which is always flavorful and never overbearing and heavy. 

It's the perfect place to sit in a sunny spot and linger over coffee and a newspaper. 
13, Charlotte Place W1T 1SN

Taken by Katrina

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jessie Ware

She has the most haunting voice. 

Jessie Ware- Wildest Moments

London Happenings #4: Ideas for Breakfast

What could be a better way of starting your day than over a little creative chit chat!
W Hotel in Leicester Square hosts breakfast while you get to sit back and listen to creative experts talking about their fields.Topics range from Talking Trends to Sonic Grafitti & Active Listening, all are lead by London creatives. 
Conscience of the working crowd they are held on a Sunday at 11am (10:30 for breakfast) and tickets are 25 pounds. 

See you there!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I Heart Chia

I picked up a pack of Chia Seeds at Trader Joe's before I headed back to the UK this past week and I'm so glad I did. These things are amazing!

I've started to make my own smoothies for breakfast each morning (and by started I mean the past 2 mornings-so going really well so far!). I've been putting a tablespoon in the mixture before I put it in the fridge to enjoy the next morning. 

Little did I know that this is actually a great thing to do because they turn into little gooey bubbles. It's like I'm drinking a mini bubble tea smoothie each morning which I LOVE. It also thickens the smoothie so even though I made it the night before with just banana, yogurt and milk, it's lusciously thick the next day. 

But the best part!? They are so good for you! They're rich in omega-3 (great for heart, digestion and joints), fibre and protein. When I have my smoothie at 9am I'm not hungry again till 12pm (this is actually a big deal for me because I'm normally hungry again at 10:30am). 

I think there are many more things I can make with them (including a type of Chia seed pudding) so I'm only just getting started!

Recipe to try them with: Strawberry smoothie with banana, lime and coconut milk