Sunday, 29 April 2012

Back in a Bit

I'm going to be away from my computer for a few days. But when I come back- results on the dress decision! 

Amy xx

A Gallery Pub and Borough Market

This weekend I visited the only galleried pub left in Britain (or claimed to be left): The George Inn

Find it in a quiet mews off Borough High Street (closest tube- London Bridge). It has 3 floors and multiple 'bars' where you have to exit one room, walk along the outside porch, to find yourself in the next room. You can tell the pub has a lot of age and character ('rebuilt in 1676') as you need to be careful not to trip on the uneven floors and mind your head on the low hanging beams. 

Definitely a place to grab a drink if you are on the South Bank both in the winter or the summer as it offers cosy nooks with fires or outdoor benches under hanging flowers. 
Full of character, go for a pint and enjoy hanging over the galleried balconies. 

The food at the George Inn was good (but by no means amazing) and offered a place to sit out of the rain. However, it is right across from Borough Market and it would be hard to pass up an ostrich burger of traditional Spanish chorizo sandwich for standard pub fare. If you think far enough in advance, make a booking at Roast which overlooks the market. One of the best Sunday lunches in town! (or if you didn't plan far enough in advance, check out 'Roast to go' under the entrance to the restaurant for equally amazing roast beef or pork crackling sandwiches. One of the only places in the market where you can get a devils on horseback or an amazing scotch egg).  

Can you see the shard in the background? 

After enjoying your lunch head over to Monmouth coffee. By far the best roasters in town. People queue around the corner for their amazing coffees but be warned- they only serve with full fat milk, no soy or 'skinny' here. It really is worth the wait as the servers are experts in coffee beans and can help you find the best flavor whether you buying in bulk or just wanting a filter coffee. We spent almost 20mins trying different beans looking for the best 'aroma'. It's almost as if we were out wine tasting. 

Immediately next door to Monmouth is Konditor & Cook (you can just make it out in the picture). As you wait in line for your coffee send someone over to their brownie bar. Konditor & Cook offer the best brownies in London and the closest thing you can find to an American brownie in Europe. Only 5 pounds for 3, you can choose from different flavors such as Boston Brownie, cherry or original. 
I ate them too fast to take a picture but I promise you, you do not want to go to Borough Market without stopping off here too. 
You can also find the retail branch of Brindisa opposite Monmouth. The London Bridge branch of this amazing tapas restaurant is just down the street but in their shop you can find the most delicious, flavorful and moist cuts of Imberico ham, rich and colourful paprika and cheese and olives to come out of your ears. 
In terms of all things Spanish- this place does the best. 

Chorizo Sandwiches 
I've just covered one corner of the market. Go for yourself to discover more!

Amy xx

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Feast for the Eyes.

While we wait for the votes to tally on the ultimate dress decision I'd thought I would introduce you to my two favourite food blogs of the moment. 

As I've said before- I'm food obsessed. But recently I'm not baking as much as I used to. I now get my fix from the amazing images ( porn.) on these two sites!

Spoon Fork Bacon
Tasty, varied and unique is the name of the game on this blog. Started by two food stylists (you can tell) this is my favourite place to visit for inspiration, beautiful design and hilarious writers. 

Cumin spiced lotus chips

Kimchi Phili Cheesesteak Sandwich  

I only just found this blog and I'm really upset I didn't find it earlier. Like with spoon fork bacon the layout is clever and simple and the photos literally leave your mouth watering. The recipes have a heavy Asian influence as well which I just love! 

Happy Eating!

Amy xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Clothing Decisions

My sister has a wedding coming up and she's asked me for some outfit ideas

It can't cost more than 150 pounds and she wants to wear a maxi dress. 

I was originally going to create 3 outfits for her to choose from but there were so many amazing maxi dresses out there that I couldn't make a decision! 


I give you the options below. 
Which one would you choose? 
Help my sister and I to make a decision by voting on your favourite one. I will construct an outfit around the winning dress for my sister to wear in my next post! 

Bold left to right: 1/ 2
Pattern: 1/ 2
Vertical: 1/ 2
Horizontal: 1/ 2
And my favourites: 

Love the back!!

And finally one that was a little out of budget but beautiful
Quite a massive list! You can see why I couldn't decide on one myself. 

Amy xx 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

It's been raining an awful lot here (mainly at lunch and when I want to leave work). Today was the worst of it, as anyone in London right now can attest to, with 50mph winds and a torrential downpour. You get the picture. 
But all this rain has got me thinking about all the rain accoutrements! 

Of course the Wellies- 
And the Macs- 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Courgette Ribbon Salad

I made this over the weekend and it was so easy and tasty that I couldn't help but share it! Excuse the really bad quality- it was all taken with my phone. 

Take 2 courgettes and using a vegetable peeler start 'ribboning' off thin slices. 

Lightly grill or sauté your courgettes (if you want- I'm sure it's also tasty raw)

Toss them in with rocket, spinach or whatever leaves you may have. I also added some pecorino, cheddar, flaked almonds and strawberries. To be honest, anything goes. 

Mix together a crushed clove of garlic, red wine vinegar (although balsamic would be delicious too) and olive oil. 

I haven't added measurements because I think this recipe is really up to personal taste. You can't go wrong and there are so many different substitutes in terms of ingredients! 

Bon Appetite!

Amy xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Mixtape Monday #3

I'm needing a lot of help getting out of bed these days. Hopefully this will help.

I've even managed to add in my new favorite band: The Neighborhood 

Find it on here

Hello- Martin Solveig & Dragonette 
Lost Weekend- Tiny Victories 
Marathon Runner- Yellow Ostrich
Hold On- Alabama Shakes
So Good- B.o.B
No Interruption- Hoodie Allen
A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)- Elvis Presley 
You Don't Like Me- The Sonixx ft. Laura Newman
Punching in a Dream- The Naked and Famous 
Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood
What Would you do?- Bastille 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

British Breakfast

I wanted to share with you today how the English do breakfast. 
Although America has it's fluffy pancakes, waffles, cookie crunch and hash browns, the British have their accessories. 

Item #1: Egg Cozies

These particular ones were hand knitted by the very talented Rosemary Stirrup (so they're not for sale unless you ask very nicely). I'm desperate to sit down and have some lessons! Look at the detail with the pipping around the sweaters and the multicoloured hats.

Instructions on how to make your own

The point of egg cozies is to keep your eggs warm while you toast your bread for the toasty soldiers

This brings us to item #2:

Item #2: Egg Cups 

Absolutely vital in any household. 
According to Wikipedia, the earliest known use of an egg cup was on Minoan Crete. Someone realised that it was a lot easier to provide the egg with its own vestibule than try and hold a hot egg. genius. 

Item #3: Toast Holder

Not really sure why these exist as piling toast on top of each other is a much better way of keeping them warm. 
But perhaps that's just me. 
You'll often find these on the fancier breakfast tables.  

Item #4: The Food
Okay, so not an accessory. But you can't really have an English Breakfast without having some of this on the table

The Marmalade
The Marmite
Or if you're being fancy:
The Baked Beans (must be on toast)
Happy Eating

Amy xx