Sunday, 15 April 2012

Annnd we're back!

Well it's pretty obvious I haven't posted in a while. Sorry!
The detox (although I did it and feel great) combined with my first week at my new job has meant that I was a bit distracted this past week. 
But I've given myself a pep talk and am ready to get back in the game!

First I do have to give a shout out to Raw and Juicy. Their amazing juices kept me going the whole weekend. I never felt famished and I had enough energy to keep going. I thought  I was going to be like a hungry bear waking up right after hibernation so I was prepared to lock myself in my room and stay away from all human beings- but I wasn't!

One comment asked whether it was better than making your own juices. For me, I loved the surprise in flavors (if you made your own you know exactly what you're getting at all times) and I also enjoyed having all the juices at hand in the fridge. If I did get hungry, I probably would not want to spend the time to get out the juicer, find the vegetables and  make it all myself and then have to clean it up (then again, I am very lazy). It was so easy to have everything at my finger tips, the juices were tasty, and the regime came with many other goodies like bath salts and lots of healthy vitamins and minerals. 

On a completely different note, I've been looking for some new headphones for the olde ipod. Urbanears caught my eye (ears?) because of their amazing colors, quality sound and simple designs. 


And Some kids reviewing music using Urbanears. 

Amy xx

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