Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Courgette Ribbon Salad

I made this over the weekend and it was so easy and tasty that I couldn't help but share it! Excuse the really bad quality- it was all taken with my phone. 

Take 2 courgettes and using a vegetable peeler start 'ribboning' off thin slices. 

Lightly grill or sauté your courgettes (if you want- I'm sure it's also tasty raw)

Toss them in with rocket, spinach or whatever leaves you may have. I also added some pecorino, cheddar, flaked almonds and strawberries. To be honest, anything goes. 

Mix together a crushed clove of garlic, red wine vinegar (although balsamic would be delicious too) and olive oil. 

I haven't added measurements because I think this recipe is really up to personal taste. You can't go wrong and there are so many different substitutes in terms of ingredients! 

Bon Appetite!

Amy xx

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