Thursday, 26 April 2012

Clothing Decisions

My sister has a wedding coming up and she's asked me for some outfit ideas

It can't cost more than 150 pounds and she wants to wear a maxi dress. 

I was originally going to create 3 outfits for her to choose from but there were so many amazing maxi dresses out there that I couldn't make a decision! 


I give you the options below. 
Which one would you choose? 
Help my sister and I to make a decision by voting on your favourite one. I will construct an outfit around the winning dress for my sister to wear in my next post! 

Bold left to right: 1/ 2
Pattern: 1/ 2
Vertical: 1/ 2
Horizontal: 1/ 2
And my favourites: 

Love the back!!

And finally one that was a little out of budget but beautiful
Quite a massive list! You can see why I couldn't decide on one myself. 

Amy xx 


  1. My favorite is the white bold one at the top! Or the green one...good luck!

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