Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I Heart Chia

I picked up a pack of Chia Seeds at Trader Joe's before I headed back to the UK this past week and I'm so glad I did. These things are amazing!

I've started to make my own smoothies for breakfast each morning (and by started I mean the past 2 mornings-so going really well so far!). I've been putting a tablespoon in the mixture before I put it in the fridge to enjoy the next morning. 

Little did I know that this is actually a great thing to do because they turn into little gooey bubbles. It's like I'm drinking a mini bubble tea smoothie each morning which I LOVE. It also thickens the smoothie so even though I made it the night before with just banana, yogurt and milk, it's lusciously thick the next day. 

But the best part!? They are so good for you! They're rich in omega-3 (great for heart, digestion and joints), fibre and protein. When I have my smoothie at 9am I'm not hungry again till 12pm (this is actually a big deal for me because I'm normally hungry again at 10:30am). 

I think there are many more things I can make with them (including a type of Chia seed pudding) so I'm only just getting started!

Recipe to try them with: Strawberry smoothie with banana, lime and coconut milk

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