Sunday, 27 May 2012

To Market To Market

London has amazing markets from food to antiques to design. Today we hit up three of my favourites in East London: Columbia Road Flower Market, Brick Lane and Spitalfields. 
(Again, sorry about the quality of photos, really have to get something else to take pictures with besides my phone)

Columbia Road Flower Market
Good for: Flowers (duh), decorative knickknacks, cool furniture, good coffee and baked goods
Wear: Flowery dresses, Mary Janes and hats

 Delicious cafe to get bagels, pastries and coffee!

It's easy to walk from Columbia to Brick Lane, on the way we came across this amazing pop up garden. 

 Brick Lane Market
Good For: Interesting street food, up and coming designers' clothes and accessories, vintage finds, outdoor drinking
Wear: Short dresses with combat boots or skinny jeans and band t-shirts

Round the corner from Brick Lane. It has great permanent boutique chain restaurants (oxymoron?) and shops. Visit on Sunday for its antique and clothes market! I've picked up many a necklace and clutch from this fantastic spot.
Good For: Antiques, vintage clothes, deserts and decorative pieces.  
Wear: Whatever you want! 
 Quick stop off in Canteen for a Scotch Egg and Homemade Lemonade (and to rest feet)

 A great way to spend a Sunday!

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