Saturday, 12 May 2012

On my way...

To Scotland! For a 'wee' visit with my cousin and sister. I have just passed Newcastle and speeding up north. The weather is sunny, the scenery is beautiful & full of sheep, and it's hard to hold your computer mouse steady when on a train. 

Obviously, when I'm in Scotland, I wear only tartan eat lots of haggis and shortbread and drink ample amounts of whisky and Hendricks. 

While I'm up North, hopefully this Scottish inspired post will inspire you for your own Scottish weekend wherever you are. 

Enjoy your weekend xx

1. Pringles of Scotland Cashmere Sweater
2. Walker's Shortbread
3. Hendrick's Gin
4. Eilean Donan Castle
5. Malt Glasses
6. Scottie Dog Coffee Poster
7. Cows seriously look like this in Scotland- Scottish Highland Cow in Traditional Garb
8. Pipe in the Haggis on Burn's Night!
9. Deep Fried Mars Bar

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