Monday, 25 June 2012

Meat Liquor

FINALLY went to Meat Liquor over on Welbeck St W1 (just off Oxford St).  
I've been wanting to check out this place since it opened almost a year ago. The planets aligned this past Saturday and we managed to get in for lunch. 

The benefit of lunch is that there wasn't much of a queue and we could walk right in. The downside of lunch is that we couldn't fully enjoy the 'liquor' side beyond a beer and a glass of wine (well, we could have, but unfortunately I had some important work to get done that afternoon). It was also pretty dark inside, which is a little bit annoying for us lunch time crowd as I enjoy being in sunlight in the summer, it also means I couldn't offer any of my own photography.

However, this was MORE than made up by its amazing burgers! 

The burgers were phenomenal. 
Meat Liquor gets that burgers should be juicy, the patties should be thick and the relishes should be strong. 
Find on the menu 'dead hippie'(2 patties with special dead hippie sauce), phili cheese steak and chicken wings among others. I thought the fries were good but no different than the skinny fries I could have gotten from the gastro pub down the road. They also offer chili cheese fries and onion rings but it was only lunch and still had to save room for dinner!

All in all, I would recommend it and would go back...for dinner. It was great food but ambience wise, wasn't great for lunch. 
The queue might be worth it for 20mins (or 40mins if you're with good company) but I might draw the line there. 

All I can say for the liquor side is their cocktail menu looked long, inventive and reasonably priced- good qualities in any bar. 

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