Sunday, 29 July 2012


Yes, I did disappear for a bit. It's been a crazy week & a bit and couldn't find a single moment to sit down at the computer. But it was a fun crazy week & a bit. Let me regale you with what I've done! 

FIIIINNINALLY made it to Pitt Cue (or it's little truck on the south bank) and managed to try the pulled pork. 
It was pretty good, very good actually. But the best parts were the sides. Homemade pickles where you can still taste the cucumber heritage, fresh slaw to counterbalance the heavy pork and amazing fried shiitake mushroom. 
There were no lines at the truck so definitely a great way to get the Pitt Cue taste without the Pitt Cue wait. 

Oysters from Wright Brothers- a great place to stop and rest your feet at borough market. 
I learnt a little bit about this shellfish while there:

The colder the water, the bigger and fatter the oyster! 

I don't know why you wouldn't want the biggest, fattiest and juiciest oyster but apparently some people dont. NOT ME! 
I would highly recommend visiting Wright Brothers, getting the 'sample platter' with 3 different types of oysters (2 of each) and a pint of Guinness. Then, when you've tried that, just order an entire platter of the Lindisfarne. THEY'RE THE BEST. 

The rooftop at Selfridges- with the Daylesford cafe
Thank goodness for the Olympics. Central London has been pretty quiet this weekend and therefore managed to check out the rooftop at Selfridges without having to wait! 
A bit massively overpriced but atmospheric. Never managed to check out the mini golf but looked fun and people seem to be enjoying themselves. 
We shared a lovely bakewell tart that wasn't too sickly sweet but just perfectly satisfied my niggiling sweetooth craving. 
I was very envious of those who had decided to have the full traditional tea. They bring over small stacked open crates (like what you would store wholesale vegetables in) with bitesized sandwiches on whole seeded buns with fillings like smoked salmon or egg. On the second small crate was the scones. Not huge but they looked very moist and well made from where I sat. 
They were also selling jelly (or jello depending who you are) in molds by Bompas & Parr (they also designed the mini golf course). The jelly of the day for us was gin & violet. They were very small and therefore perfect as a little snack with your drink. 
They also serve wine up there so I imagine it would be an amazing place to get an afterwork drink while looking over London. 
Go enjoy the garden rooftop while playing mini golf and escaping mad Oxford St below!

Opening Ceremony at London Live in Hyde Park. SO proud to be a Londoner. Bring it on world! 
 The best cinnamon role from Nordic Bakery
Fried custard and courgette flowers from Brick Lane Market

Writing this all down really makes me realize how much my life revolves around food. 
Let me know if you try any of these places out!

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