Wednesday, 18 July 2012

London Happenings #3: Supper Clubs

I love the idea of supper clubs. So secretive and private and full of surprises (or that's what I imagine them like, but my description sounds a bit like a boy with commitment issues). 
Here are just a few around London: 

White Room Supper Club
Run by a professional with a passion for food. It's about meeting new people and eating good food. Suggested donation is 35 pounds and it's BYOB. 

Italian Supper Club
I think they sum it up well-
The main ingredients of our events are food, wine and people - the first two must be Italian and the third one should simply have a big smile when they arrive and a bigger one when they leave.
Who doesn't want to go to an event described like that! Each event is at a different location and is capped at 30 people and costs 35 pounds including a wine pairing for each course. 

Saltoun Supper Club
Twice a week they turn a flat in Brixton into a restaurant for 16 people. They offer a set 4 course menu with a vegetarian option including homemade bread and treats. As is typical with supper clubs, BYOB. 
Singapourian Supper Club that has been getting a lot of press. Their menus look adventurous and exciting and most importantly, delicious! 
The Secret Larder
North London supper club run by James Ramsden every other Thursday 
 I can't wait to try some of these out! Have any of you been to a supper club in London?

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